The Unitarian worship hour is a time for the celebration of life in all its mystery, a time to re-center around that which is of ultimate worth, whether that is to commune with the divine, to be reminded of one’s sacred values, or to refocus on the human power to make good choices.

All services begin at 10 am. Information about particular Sunday services is found on the upcoming services page. There are a few occasions when we might meet outside the hall, at the labyrinth or other location, so please do check the upcoming services information regularly. We do not hold and services in July or August.

Someone will greet you warmly as you enter Valleyview Community Hall. A “welcome table” near the entrance has information and “visitor packets” with pamphlets explaining what Unitarian Universalism is about, what kind of programs, activities, and services are available. Sign up to receive the Fellowship newsletter and group e-mail. Take what you like, and read at your leisure.

Sunday Services  – Twice a Month

Most Sunday worship services include welcoming words, chalice lighting,  a time for “All Ages” (often a children’s story), time for personal sharing, quiet meditation, readings, and a thoughtful homily. An important part of Sunday services is music; music is shared in many forms: collective singing, instrumental pieces played during parts of the service, or something special played by a soloist.  An offering  is taken up to sustain the work of the congregation, though making a contribution is entirely voluntary and according to one’s means and conscience. A social time follows each service with coffee, tea and conversation. Casual or dressy, wear whatever you prefer.

Richard Wagamese at KUUF
Richard Wagamese at UUFK

From time to time, instead of a worship service,  we will schedule a Spiritual Discussion or a Special Presentation:

 Spiritual Discussion

The Chalice Circle is a time of reflection and sharing. Here a circle is formed, a topic is presented and questions posed about the topic. The facilitator invites people to gather in small groups where discussion occurs in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance.

Individuals speak from their own experience, allow others to speak without interrupting – the speaker becomes the listener, the listener then becomes the speaker. Chalice Circles are an opportunity to deepen connections and provide a nourishing way for individuals to grow in community.

Special Presentation

Occasionally we enjoy a special presentation, sometimes on social justice and environmental issues, or be warmed by a musical themed choir-led service, or hear a special presentation on a spiritual theme or topic by a guest or lay leader.