RE Road Map–PNWD – see 201
101 Articulating Your UU Faith: Wells & Hove
102 Behind the Pandemic – HIV/AIDS & Social Inequity (Age 15-adult)
103 Building Your Own Theology I
104 Building Your Own Theology II
105 Building Your Own Theology (green folder)
106 Ethics: An Exploration in Personal Morality: R. S. Gilbert
107 Evensong – Vol 1: Hamilton-Holway
108 Evensong – Vol 2: Hamilton-Holway
109 A Holy Curiosity–Exploring Religious Questions: B. Marshall
110 A Holy Curiosity Part 2: B. Marshall
110A – A Holy Curiosity – Stories of a Liberal Religious Faith: B. Marshall
111 Life Tapestry – An Exploration of Adult Life Issues: Bowen, Niewejaar, Stower
112 Paganism 101: L. Bunn
113 Sexism and Peacemaking–a 5 Week Curriculum
114 Simplifying for Wellness: S. Salterberg
Circle of Simplicity: C. Andrews 1609
115 Spirituality in Everyday Life – Leader’s Manual : S. Breiddal
116 Unplug the Christmas Machine Workshop (Leader’s Guide)
117 Unplug the Christmas Machine: J. Robinson & J. Coppock Staeheli c.1
118 Unplug the Christmas Machine: J. Robinson & J. Coppock Staeheli c.2
119 Covenant Groups
120 The Golden Rule Across the World’s Religions – A Do-it-Yourself Workshop
121 Small Group Ministry Session Book: Augusta, Maine UU Church
122 Small Group Ministry Resource Book: Augusta, Maine UU Church
123 Building Your Spiritual Home (Young Adult Curriculum): C. Anderson & M. Macklin

201 RE Road Map–PNWD
202 KamloopsSunday School Handbook for Teachers
203 Sunday School Programs & Intergenerational Services 1994-1998
204 Sunday School Programs 1996-1997
205 Just Because I Am: L. M. Payne (K-Grade 2)
206 A Leader’s Guide to Just Because I Am: . Payne (K-Grade 2)
207 Treasure Hunting (K-Grade 2)
208 Celebrating Me and My World: Pratt ( pre-school)
209 We are Many, We are One: McDonald (Pre-School-K)
210 Around the Church, Around the Year: J.Evans-Tiller (K-Grade 2)
211 Storytime (K-Gr. 2)
212 Spirit Play Training 2008 (K-Grade 3)
213 Our Big Beautiful Planet: S. Robinson (K-Grade 3)
214 Holidays and Holy Days (cassette is in Audio-Visual Vertical File 715) (Gr. 3-6)
215 We Believe: Living and Learning Our UU Principles (cassette in A-V 715) (K-Gr. 7)
216 We Believe Workbook (K-Gr. 7)
217 Timeless Themes (Grade 1-3)
218 Timeless Themes Songs (cassette is in Audio-Visual Vertical file 715) (Grade 1-3)
219 Feeling Good About Yourself: D. Pincus (Grades 3-8)
220 Climate Change Education Kit (Grades 4-6)
221 It Starts With Me (Gr. 4-7)
222 A Stepping Stone Year (Gr. 5-6)
223 Connecting with the Earth (all levels)
224 Neighbouring Faiths : Reed (Gr. 6 and up)
225 Our Whole Lives: Grades 7-9 (recommend Grade 9)
226 Our Whole Lives: Grades 7-9 Handouts
Is It a Boy or a Girl? (for Our Whole Lives) (video in Audio Visual section 714)
227 Sexuality and Our Faith: A Companion to :Our Whole Lives (Grade 9)
228 Seeds of Simplicity Curricula ( all levels)
229 UU History & Heritage Curriculum (all levels)
230 The Virtues Guide: Popov


302 REACH–Packet of Resources for Lifespan RE Programs
303 PNWD YRUU Conference Planning Handbook
304 The Centering Book–Awareness Activities for Children… Henricks c.1
305 The Centering Book – c.2
306 Meditating with Children: D. Rozman
307 Spinning Inward – Using Guided Imagery with Children: M. Murdock
308 Let’s Celebrate: Canada’s Special Days: C. Parry
309 Activities Handbook for Teachers of Young Children: Croft & Hess
310 – 50 Nature Projects for Kids
311 Dream Catchers
312 – 50Things to do after School
313 The UU Kids’Book
314 Understanding the Bible: J. Buehrens
315 Free to Feel Great–Teaching Children to Excel at Living: T. Orlich
316 Cycle of Seasons
317 Parents as Resident Theologians: R. & C. Nelson
318 UU in the Home
Windmills, Worship & Wonder (intergenerational services)–see Worship 1327
Conversations with a 50 Million Year Old Clam ( sermons for children and intergenerational services)–see Worship 1326
319 Vertical File (contains single page items & pamplets)
320 Celebrating Diversity with Art
321 Sharing a New Voice for Children
322 Full Circle: 15 Ways to Grow Lifelong UUs: Kate Erslev
323 Youth Advisor’s Handbook: S. Tain
324 Youth Advisor’s Handbook, second edition: S. Tain
401 Getting Started in Storytelling: S. Harris
402 Evolution: J. Cole
403 Aunt Harriet’s Underground Railroad
404 Everybody Needs a Rock
405 From Long Ago and Many Lands–Stories for Children: S. Fahs
406 Hide-and-Seek with God: M. Moore
407 The Canadians: Adventures of our People
408 Night Tree: E. Bunting ( see mid winter intergenerational activity book in vertical file)
409 No One is Perfect
Telling Our Tales–Stories & Storytelling for all Ages (filed under Worship – 1320)
410 The Story of Lightning and Thunder
What is God? E. Boritzer (phone Anne)
Old Turtle: D. Wood (phone Anne)
In God’s Name: S. Sasso (phone Anne)
Pat Boone’s Favourite Bible Stories (phone Anne)
The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories: M. Batchelor (phone Anne)
412 A Lamp in Every Corner – Our UU Story Book : J. Grohsmeyer
413 A Special Gift (about planting a tree)
414 How the Children Stopped the Wars: J. Wahl
415 The Present’s Presents: Teresa Grosbois.

501 The Epic of Unitarianism: D. Parke
502 – 100 Questions that Non-Members Ask about UU-ism
503 A Religion for the “Non-Religious”: J. & L. Bartlett
504 The Canadians – Adventures of Our People: M. Gooding
505 Unitarians in Canada: P. Hewett
506 Engaging Our Theological Diversity
507 Montreal’s Unitarians 1832-2000
508 The Gospel of Universalism: T. Owen-Towle
509 Racovia–An Early Liberal Religious Community: P. Hewett
510 Our Chosen Faith: J. Beuhrens
511 Lotta: C. Sanger
512 Vertical file –Various items and pamphlets on UU-ism
513 The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide

Videos on Unitarianism in Audio Visual section (700s)
514 Faith Without Certainty: P. Rasor
515 A Chosen Faith : J. Buehrens & F. Church
515 A Chosen Faith (copy 2): J. Buehrens & F. Church
516 This Day in Unitarian Universalist History: F. Schulman

601 Screening in Faith
602 Planning for Growth and Vitality for Smaller and Midsize Congregations
603 Boards that Make a Difference: J. Carver
604 Effective Church Finances–Fund-raising and Budgetting: K Callahan
605 The Congregational Handbook: L. Peers
606 Time Management for Dummies: J. Mayer
607 Never Call Them Jerks: A. Boers
608 Growing Vital Religious Communities in Canada
609 UU Fellowship Resource Guide
610 Statement of Principles Task Force
611 Growth Workbook
612 The Canvass Book: M. Evans
613 Lay Chaplaincy
614 Welcoming Congregation Handbook: UUA
615 Welcoming Congregation Materials
616 A Guide to Peer Spirit Circling: Baldwin & Linnea
617 Workshop Planning and Resource Guide 2006
618 Salted with Fire–UU Strategies for Sharing Faith in Growing Congregations
619 Vertical File (contains single-page items & pamplets)
620 Beyond the Collection Plate: M. Durall
621 Serving as a Board Member: D. Kranendonk
622 Healthy Congregations: P. Steinke
623 Small Group Ministry: R. Hill
624 Church works – A Well -Body Book for Congregations: A. Heller
625 Leading Change in the Congregation: G. Rendle
626 Beyond the Collection Plate: T. Bandy
627 Behavioral Covenants for Congregations: G. Rendle

701 The Seventh Seal (video)
702 Escape from Affluenza (video) c. 1
703 Escape from Affluenza (video) c. 2
704 Affluenza (video)
705 Voluntary Simplicity Movement (video)
706 Living the Interdependent Web (video)
707 Sharing Our Vision – U.U.s in Canada (video)
708 The Unitarians (video)
709 Unitarian-Universalism – An Heretical History (video)
710 Religious Education Spans a Lifetime (video)
711 Women Creating Healthy Communities – InterPares (video)
712 Alternatives to Drug Prohibition (video)
713 River of Sand – Desertification (video)
714 Is it a Boy or a Girl? (For OWL 7-9) (video)
715 Vertical File:
It’s a Matter of Survival: D. Suzuki (cassettes)
UU Songs (cassettes)
UUKam Sermon “May the Unrest of Christ be with You:: V. Sparling (cassette)
UUKam Sermon :Ï’ll Pray for You: : J. Wickman (cassette)
UUKam Sermon: Ünitarian Roots”: B. Bowmar (cassette)
Tapestry–The Soul (cassette)
Mything the Point: S. Seale/I Left My Heart in Transylvania: F. Rosen (cassette)
Mentors of a solo traveller: S. Kirkby (cassette)
Songs for “We Believe” (cassette)
Songs for “Timeless Themes” (cassette)

MUSIC (800)
801 Circle of Song: Songs, Chants and Dances for Ritual and Celebration
802 Now Let Us Sing: P. Robbins
803 Contemporary Lyrics (also on disc)
804 Singing the Living Tradition (in library use only)
Voices United (phone Janet)
Let Your Heart Sing! Vol. 2 (intergenerational singing) (phone Janet)
Songs of Congregational Singing: C. McDade (phone Janet)
Sister, Carry on: C. McDade (phone Janet)
Between the Lines (phone Janet)
805 Music Vertical File (single pages of music)

901 Quest: Church of the Larger Fellowship Newsletter
902 Kamloops Fellowship Newsletters
903 World: Journal of the UUA
904 Connections: Seasonal RE Publications
905 Newsletters and Publications from various newspapers and magazines

1016 Connecting Skills Workbook: Miller
1018 How to Talk so Kids can Learn: Faber & Mazlish

1019 Generation to Generation– Passing Along the Good Life to Your Children
1019 Becoming Human
1026 Life Skills for Adult Children: A. Garner
1027 Mother Mysteries: M. Hansen
1030 Making Sense of Suffering: J. Stettbacher
1031 When Someone You Love is Depressed: Rosen & Amador

1102 Healing Words–Power of Prayer Practice of Medicine: L. Dossey

1201 Death: The Final Stage of Growth: E. Kubler-Ross
1202 Treat Me Right! B. Hatfield
1203 In Heaven as on Earth: M.S. Peck
1204 Matter of Life & Death: B. Hatfield

1205 Who Dies?–An Investigation of Conscious Living and Conscious Dying: S. Levine
1207 A Survival Guide for Family Caregivers: Horne
1208 On Death and Dying: E. Kubler-Ross
1209 Helping a Child Understand Death. L. Vogel

WORSHIP (1300)
1301 Leading Congregations in Worship – A Guide
1302 Handbook of Religious Services c.1
1303 Handbook of Religious Services c. 2
1304 Handbook of Religious Services c. 3
1305 Planning a Worship Service
1306 Program Committee Background Materials
1307 How to Preach a Sermon: R. Slaughter
1308 Leadership School – Worship Skills
1309 Sermons by Philip Hewett
1310 Explorations in Religion–12 Sermons: by P. Hewett
1311 Kamloops UU Services & Newsletters -1994-96
1312 Kamloops UU Sermons – 1998-99
1313 Sermons by Suzanna Spencer
1314 Worship Readings and Prayers
1315 Poems to Live by in Uncertain Times
1316Prayers from the Ark: C. de Gasztold
1317 Side by Side- Fulfilling a Dream (service readings) c.1
1318 Side by Side- Fulfilling a Dream c. 2
1319 Rejoice Together: H. Pickett
1320 Telling Our Tales: Stories and Storytelling for all Ages: J. Ross
1321 Intergenerational Services – Kamloops, 1999-2008
1322 Intergenerational Services – CUC
1323 Intergenerational Services – UUA & CUC
1324 Spirit of the Christmas Tree: J. Poley
1325 Season: Seasonal Services & Activities
1326 Conversations with the 50-Million Year Old Clam
1327 Windmills, Worship and Wonder–Ideas for Intergenerational Worship
1328 Plays for Special Days: E. Read
1329 Vertical file – Various items & pamphlets for planning services
My Heart Soars: Chief Dan George (phone Anne)
1330 Eastering: S. Alexander
1331 An Ever-Growing Easter: W. Jones
1332 A Month of Sunday Services: Church of the Larger Fellowship
1333 Marriage – Reading & Poems: G. Morris
1334 We Pledge Our Heats – Readings & Poems: E. Searl
1335 Great Occasions: Readings edited by C. Seaburg
1336 Soulful Sundown: M.Lavanhar

1401 The Precious Present: S. Johnson
1402 To a Dancing God: S. Keen
1403 The Artist’s Way: J. Cameron
1404 The Road Less Travelled & Beyond: S. Peck
1405 Further Along the Road Less Travelled: S. Peck
1406 Sisters of the Earth: L. Anderson
1407 In the Company of Women: B. Hunter
1408 Weaving Woman: B. Koltuu
1409 The Goddess Celebrates–an Anthology of Women’s Rituals: D. Stein
1410 The Woman’s Book of Spirit: S. Theole
1411 The Heroine’s Journey–Woman’s Quest for Wholeness: M. Murdock
1412 The Hero Within: C. Pearson
1413 Hymns to an Unknown God–Awakening the Spirit in Everyday Life: S. Keen
1414 In Heaven as on Earth: S. Peck
1415 – 12 Golden Threads: A. Webb
1416 – 7 States of Consciousness: A. Campbell

1417 Cakes for the Queen of Heaven: S. Ranck
1418 The Trickster, Magician & Grieving Man
1419 Through those Rose-Coloured Bifocals
1420 Disturbed by God: J. Maffin
1421 Mother Teresa–Meditations from a Simple Path
1422 Brother-Spirit: Owen-Towle
1423 Writing Re-Creatively: Collins-Ranadive
1424 Circle of Stones: J. Duerk
1425 Dreaming the Tree of Life
1426 The Story of Your Life
1427 A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Renewal
1428 Inner Journeys: J. Earley
1429 Awakening the Heroes Within
1430 Dear Heart, Come Home–the Path of Midlife Spirituality: J. Rupp
1431 Universal Questions–Exploring the Mysteries of Existence: H. Rosen
1432 Life’s Companion–Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest
1433 Dance of the Spirit–the 7 steps of Women’s Spirituality: M. Harris
1434 Conversations with God: N. Walsch
1435 The Blooming of the Lotus: T. Hanh
1436 The Measure of Our Success: M. Edelman
1437 The Book of Secrets: R. Petro
1438 How Good Do We Have to Be? : H. S. Kushner
1439 Living Life on Purpose: G. Anderson
1440 Maybe (Maybe Not)–Secret Thoughts from a Secret Life: R. Fulghum
1441 It was on Fire When I Lay Down on it: R. Fulghum
1442 All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: R. Fulghum

1443 From Beginning to End–the Rituals of Our Lives: R. Fulghum
1444 Uh-Oh–Some Observations from Both Sides of the Refrigerator Door: R. Fulghum
1445 Care of the Soul/Soul Mates (2 vol.): T. Moore

1446 Stations of the Spirit: V.H. Carpenter
1447 Reflections: An Anthology of Prayers, Meditations & Poems
1448 Honest to God: J. Robinson
1449 Life Preservers–Staying Afloat in Love and Life: H. Lerner
1450 Coyote’s Morning Cry: S. Butala
1451 Infinity in Your Hand: W. Houff
1452 Silence, Simplicity & Solitude
1453 The Soul of Politics: J. Wallis
1454 Your Mythic Journey: Keen/Fox
1455 How to Meditate: McDonald
1456 Day of Promise – Collected Meditations: Montgomery
1457 Attitudes of Gratitude: M. Ryan
1458 Time to Live: DeWolfe c.1
1459 Time to Live: DeWolfe c. 2
1460 The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight: T. Hartman
1461 The Seat of the Soul: G. Zukav
In the Holy Quiet of This Hour–a Meditation Manual: R. S. Gilbert (call Janet)
My Heart Soars: Chief Dan George (call Anne)
Noisy Stones–a meditation manual: R.R. Walsh (call Janet)
In the Simple Morning Light: B. Rohde (call Janet)
Exaltation: A Meditation Manual (call Janet)
Tapestry: The Soul (CBC) (cassette in Audio Visual Vertical file – 715)
The 7th Seal (video in Audio Visual – 701)
1462 Vertical File (various single sheets & pamphlets)
1463 The Art of Giving: Bronfman & Solomon
1464 Sheddings – Poetry by UUF of Kelowna

1501 World Religions from Ancient History to the Present
1502 Eyewitness Books: Religion
1503 Oneness–Great Principles Shared by all Religions: the Dalai Lama
1504 Faith in my Neighbour–World Religions in Canada
1505 The End of Faith: S. Harris
1507 The Language of the Goddess
1517 Putting Away Childish Things: R. Heinemann
1520 A Poet’s Bible: D. Rosenberg
1524 Humanism Today–Rethinking Humanism
1525 Humanism Today–the Enlightenment Reconstructed
1526 Heaven and Hell: T. Harpur
1527 Jesus the Man: B. Thiering
1528 Vertical file (Various Resource Sheets & Pamphlets )
1601 Finding Common Voice – Congregational Resource Book for Social Responsibility
1602 Into the Heart of India – Volunteering with Child Have: P. Paul-Carson
1603 Global Justice – Using Your Money to Change the World: D. Abbey
1604 Cheap Tricks: Dappen
1605 A Passion for the Possible: W. Coffin
The River of Sand (video in Audio Visual section – 713)
1606 The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
1607 Farmageddon: B. Kneen
1608 World Accord
1609 The Circle of Simplicity: C. Andrews
1610 Vertical file -Various resource sheets

1701 What can we do for our Environment?
It’s a Matter of Survival: D. Suzuki (5 cassettes) (in Audio Visual Vertical file – 715)
1705 Heat – How to Stop the Planet from Burning: G. Monbiot