UUFK Covenant of Right Relations – adopted October 4, 2014

We show each other respect

•    We listen mindfully with open minds and hearts
•    We speak with compassion and acceptance
•    We resolve conflict and disagreement through respectful dialogue
•    We respect the responsibilities and commitment to serve undertaken by each volunteer

We Communicate Understanding

•    We speak in “I” language, taking time to examine our own assumptions
•    We remember that each of us has a voice worthy of being heard, and we each come from our own unique life experience
•    We seek to understand and learn from other perspectives
•    We choose the right time and place to communicate, especially about our differences

We Participate with Trust and Commitment

•    We practice focusing on the most respectful interpretation of others’ actions
•    We choose to stay connected and engaged through difficult moments, trusting that we are each doing our best
•    We ask for what we want or need, knowing that each is welcome to say yes and free to say no
•    We make mindful realistic commitments and follow throughs
•    We forgive ourselves and others when we are less than perfect and we try again

We Express Encouragement and Appreciation

•    We understand that everyone thrives better when they feel appreciated
•    We look for opportunities to offer praise and thanks
•    We make room for recreation and fun
•    We act for the common good of our beloved community