Like all Unitarian Universalist societies, the UU Fellowship of Kamloops is democratically self-governed by its membership. All members are encouraged to exercise their voice and vote in the decision-making process which guides the direction of the Fellowship. The role of the Board is to develop sound policies aligned with the Vision and Mission of the Fellowship. The membership gathers yearly in March at an Annual Meeting to reflect on the past year and make informed decisions about the coming year based on updates from active committees and recommendations of the Board.

As part of a national collective of Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist congregations, our Fellowship is eligible to appoint delegates to represent our society and to vote on national issues at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Unitarian Council, held on the Victoria Day weekend in May.

The UU Fellowship of Kamloops is a registered non-profit organization and thus has a Constitution as its charter guide and a set of Bylaws which outline the specific ways we agree to function.

The Fellowship is registered as a charitable organization with Canada Revenue Agency and can issue charitable receipts for your donations.

KUUF Annual Meeting
UUFK  Annual Meeting

To learn about becoming a member of the Kamloops Fellowship, please read the associated documents (Constitution and Bylaws found below) or speak to a Board member.

Unitarian Universaslist Fellowship of Kamloops Constitution

Bylaws 2018