Sept 23 — Water Communion

 This is our traditional in-gathering service after the summer break. Please bring a small sample of water representing your connection to water during the summer. Presented by Anne and Roland Neave.

End of Life Companioning

Guest speaker, Sandra Ceccon completed specialized training as a Sacred Passage Death Doula with the Conscious Dying Institute. She will lead a conversation on why this alternative, intentional companioning approach to death holds such potential toward achieving life satisfaction and spiritual integration.

Gimme Shelter

Rev. Helen recounts the inspiring story of many UU churches and groups through history which have acted on religious principles and conscience to shelter and offer sanctuary to people at risk of oppression, workplace discrimination, or unjust deportation or detention.

Reflection on Darwin Travels

Today’s guest speaker is TRU Dean of Science, ornithologist Dr. Tom Dickinson who recently explored a portion of the route Charles Darwin took 188 years ago to map the coast of South America. As part of a cruise, Dickinson took shore expeditions and retraced Darwin’s … read more.