Rev. Helen McFadyen

This Is Our Prayer

What is the practice of “prayer” for Unitarian Universalists? How and why do or should we pray? Should UU prayer be limited to individual practice, or engaged as a shared, communal one? How does prayer connect us to each other or to something “beyond”? Is there … read more.

Pride: Welcome… Again

Many Unitarian Universalists were active in the gay rights movement throughout the latter half of the 20th century. The Welcoming Congregation certification program for congregations is one example of UUs intentional willingness to engage, learn, and experience transformative change. Over the years, most Canadian congregations … read more.

The Prophetic Voices of Elders

You are invited to pre-submit a favourite song, poem, or short reading that reflects the wisdom and strength of age, and how elders live with integrity in an ageist society. (Each entry 3.5 mins. max please). Contact Rev. Helen before Jan. 3 so she has … read more.

Mental Health Matters

1 in 5 (the number of Canadians who will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime). Given the staggering impact mental health has on lives in our society, and the stigma that’s still associated with mental illness, can spirituality, faith, and church community offer … read more.

Transforming Wounding Words

Language is an imperfect, imprecise means of communicating. Words sometimes wound and disempower. What words push your buttons? What words have wounded you? Wounded others?