Our Toasts to “a Good Life”

Our Fellowship returns from summer hiatus for a season of Sunday services on a variety of spiritual themes. The purpose of the Ingathering service and Water ceremony on Sept 9 is to experiment with traditions and familiar elements, invite the unexpected, upset our presuppositions, and risk a time of interconnection that changes what we think about “community”. Phew! How will THAT happen?  Regards the Water Ceremony.  There’s no need to bring water this year…but you may want to prepare: Each person will make a personal toast, (maximum one minute speaking time) ending with the words “to a good life!” and add water (provided) to the communal bowl. To keep things interesting and everyone motivated, the last person will be expected to sing their toast. Note: Holiday adventure stories will be shared only during coffee hour.  The short reflection for opening Sunday is about how “Our troubles in this light appear all the same.” (or not) – a line from the UU hymn #347 Gather the Spirit – Rather than spell it all out, why not come for the adventure and surprises?


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