Kamloops Unitarian Events

September 19 – UU & Friends Book Club, 10 am; for info contact Anne

September 21 – potluck dinner with Rev. Danielle Webber, 5 pm: at the Neaves’

September 22 – Lizzy’s Closet donations today; quarterly birthday celebration follows the service

September 27 – UU Women’s Lunch, 11:45 am; the Smorgasbord Cafe; RSVP Heather G.

October 5 – Discussion at 4 pm, followed by potluck dinner with Rev. Linda Horton; at the Morrow’s

October 17 – UU & Friends Book Club, 10 am; for info contact Anne

October 20 – Book Bash fundraiser; follows Sunday service

October 24 – UU Men’s & Friends’ Lunch, 11:45 am; Central Station Pub

October 25 – UU Women’s Lunch; 11:45 am; The Stock Pot; RSVP Heather G.

November 11 – Remembrance Day ceremony; meet 10:40 am at Riverside Park Bandshell; visit to Labyrinth and lunch follows

November 17 – Silent Auction fundraiser for the Fellowship; follows the service

December TBA – Christmas hamper packing

Canadian Unitarian Events

Sept 27-29 : Music Workshop, “Answering the Call of Love – Building Community Through Song” with Rev Jason Shelton, hosted by the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.

There are ELEVEN songs written or arranged by Shelton in the green hymn book, Singing the Journey.  Familiar ones are Standing on the Side of Love, The Fire of Commitment, Hush, Blue Boat Home, Turn the World Around.

It is great fun to learn music and then sing it as a choir at the Sunday service.  If there are 4 or more people from a congregation we receive a reprint license for the workshop music.  Billeting is possible on a first come basis.

Information and registration: vancouverunitarians.ca, or contact Donna Brown (quinnbrown44@gmail.com).

Early bird registration Sept 15.  Everyone can sing in this kind of setting.


October 18 – 20: Western Region Fall Gathering – Unitarian Church of Edmonton, AB

The Unitarian Church of Edmonton, the Westwood Unitarian Congregation and the CUC welcome you to imagine our Thriving Future! Gather together to explore new avenues to create welcoming spaces, be re-energized with great music and seek better environmental realities with new allies. Registration deadline: October 7; https://cuc.ca/events/western-region-fall-gathering-2019/1571389200/1571576400/

Community Events

Here are events which may speak to our Unitarian values and allow us to promote them in the wider community:

Community Labyrinth Walk

Kamloops United Church Hall, first Sunday evening of the month, 7 PM

Enjoy a quiet evening of Labyrinth mediation. We hope that within an ambience of serenity and gentle sound you will find peace and centre while walking the labyrinth.  All are welcome.

Philosophers’ Café

The Smorgasbord Café, the third Tuesday evening of the month, 7 PM

The Council of Canadians sponsors presentations and discussions once a month from January to May. Everyone is welcome.


Kamloops Adults Learners’ Society

KALS fosters an environment where it’s easy to share ideas, make new friends and—above all—learn for the sheer enjoyment of it. There are no exams, no deadlines and no pressure.

The calendar is posted on-line at www.kals.ca . Registration is on-line, by mail or in person.

Phone registration: 250-376-1525

Here is a selection of courses from the fall calendar which provide opportunities to broaden your spiritual horizons and support your Unitarian Values :

Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want – Tuesday, October 1, 10 AM to 12 noon, $10

All Saints’ Ukrainian Church Tour – October 4, 10 AM to 12 noon, free

Recycling – In, Outs and Whys – Tuesday, October 8, 10 AM to 12 noon, $10

Mindful Restorative Justice – Tuesday, October 15, 10 AM to 12 noon, $10

Developing World Connections – Monday, November 18, 1:30 to 3:30 PM, $10

Transition Kamloops – Tuesday, November 19, 10 AM to 12 noon, free

Celebrating The Circle of Life – Wednesdays, October 9-30, 1:30 to 3:30 PM, $25

Public Policy – Why do We Complain? – Tuesdays,  October 15-29, 10 AM to 12 noon,  $20

From a Buddhist Perspective – Fridays, November 1-22, 10 AM to 12 noon, $25