Here is what Unitarian Universalists are saying about themed-based ministry:

“Themed ministry connects all aspects of programming which in turn creates the experience of the entire congregation going on a spiritual journey together each month.”

 “Themed ministry reminds us that we are not a cafeteria religion offering people random experiences, but instead a rich tradition that promotes distinctive values.”

 “Themed church allows congregations in different geographic regions to follow the same themes and break out of our congregational silos. Staff and lay leaders can more easily reach out, share ideas and collaborate.”



In recent years, many Unitarian Universalist churches have followed themes for worship, but a new model called “themed-based church” or “themed-based ministry” elevates the themed approach to a new level, one which creates unity, depth, and connection by integrating worship themes across a church’s programming, music, and education. Themes can help us reflect on universal aspects of the human experience and spirituality and be sufficiently broad to allow diverse interpretation and creative application.

In concert with many congregations across Canada and the United States,  the Kamloops Fellowship is dedicated to following a theme approach for worship and religious exploration programming. In 2017-18, watch for these themes: “Covenant/Promise”, “Healing”, “Identity/Story”, “Presence”, “Prophecy”, “Interdependence”, “Risk”, “Transformation/Change”, “Embodiment”