What does Unitarian Universalism mean to you?                      


“I believe that religion and faith are supposed to make us better people who live better lives, and Unitarian Universalism does just that” – Rev.Helen McFadyen  



“Accepting everyone has a right to their own beliefs, being open to changing your own beliefs, and living your own beliefs.



“Unitarians are respectful of each individual’s own path… an individual’s spirituality comes from within the person and moves outward to the community; unlike religions which follow a specific doctrine that all must adhere to and follow. We gather together because we share certain values and principles which in turn allow us to focus and support a civil society and each other.”    



“We are a gathering of diverse, open-minded, people of many faiths and backgrounds who meet to enrich their spiritual journeys. We are a non-creedal church, held together by common principles.”


“We support the worth and dignity of each individual without exception. We are a community with a wide variety religious views and are bound by a common set of values. We encourage everyone to define her/his own path.”


chalice[when someone asks about Unitarian Univeralism] “I have our principles literature in my purse. I usually say we are a fellowship of people who believe in freedom of religion, and non-denominational. Generally, I say we are seekers of truth…I talk about inclusivity, and social conscience and activism. I tell them for me, it is part of my family.”