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Sunday Services & Programs in March

March 10, 2019, 10 am

Trusting the Mystery

March 24, 2019, 10 am

Magic Seeds! A UU Pagan Equinox Ritual

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Magic Seeds! A UU Pagan Equinox Ritual

Presented by Heather Allen & Gerda Morrow
The Vernal Equinox conjures a time of planting and anticipation of spring. Today within the created sacred space, each individual can participate in the ritual of seed planting – a rite of spring. Soil, seeds and pots will be … read more.

We are a religious community, called to honour and inspire the individual’s spiritual journey, and to offer care and support for each other and the world at large.

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  • deeds are valued over creeds…
  • there is fellowship of others for worship, discussion, friendship and mutual support…
  • the traditions of democracy, freedom of conscience and human dignity are preserved…
  • you are welcome regardless of race, colour, religion of origin, or sexual orientation…
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